Patrick Neary Reid



:Qualified accountant. Worked in local government as Head of Administration Services. After early retirement served as Councillor

Skills:Administrative and financial. Extensive contact details of individuals and organisations. Involvement with various charities over several years.

Areas of knowledge and skills:Social Skills / Community / Network; Clerical / Admin / Remote office duties; Other

Nazia Akhtar


:Admin Manager

:I am from an Accounts background and also volunteer for charities and other organisations. I have also been involved in community work over the years.

Skills:I have knowledge of Finance and Admin across many industries. I enjoy working for the community and organize various events.

Areas of knowledge and skills:Social Skills / Community / Network; Clerical / Admin / Remote office duties; Other

Zeenish Nasir


:Junior Management Accountant

:After graduated from the University of Hull in Accounting and Financial Management, I am exploring different avenues to develop both professionally and academically.

Skills:Skills developed during adulthood involve understanding and skilfully implementing time management, teamwork, dedication and problem solving

Areas of knowledge and skills:Online Marketing / Social Media; Clerical / Admin / Remote office duties

Ewelina Maria Chin

Chair and Founder

:Interpersonal Skills Coach

:My passion is creating a professional learning experience with dedication and knowledge. In the past my life took a dramatic turn during my second marriage, experiencing severe emotional and physical abuse. To empower other women I founded a charity, Healed Scars.

Skills: Soft-skills coaching building a high-quality interpersonal skills. Administrative, management and supervision skills with strong accountancy background. Experienced time management and organization skills.

Areas of knowledge and skills:Content / Communication; Social Skills / Compliance; Clerical / Legal/ GDPR / Admin / Team coordinator

Maria Kozicka



:I am having over 30 years of financial planning and accountancy experience (in Poland and UK). I am very organized and I have a great ability to pay attention to details and analyses.

Skills:Monthly input, financial documents quality check, and computerized bookkeeping, costs and expenditure analyses.

Areas of knowledge and skills:Basic Admin/ Polish Communication/ Bookkeeping/ Reporting

Anna Maria Strzalkowska


:Graphic and art designer, illustrator, photographer, crafter who loves creation in all its forms

:I am a graphic designer, illustrator, painter and organiser of cultural activities. I would like to spread my art and design around the world.

Skills:All aspects of visual campaigning support, social media grapic design, art pieces towards fundraising, as “Bee’s Knees Café” owner I offer a venue space for meetings

Areas of knowledge and skills:Social Media / Branding / Venue Hire in Glasgow

Olga McIntosh


:Human Resources, Project management

:I’ve been working for the British Council since 2008 both in an overseas office and most recently in the UK

Skills:Most of my career has been centred around Human Resources, Business Support Services and Project Management roles.I’m also Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lead for the UK Region at the British Council and I’m particularly passionate about gender equality and mental health issues.

Areas of knowledge and skills:Content / Communication; Social Skills / Community / Network; Governance / Funding / Compliance; Clerical

Lucie Cunningham


:Communications consultant

:I have a background in community building and grassroot charity management. I have worked in projects supporting women, internationals, families and the arts. I provide content writing, editing and translation for websites, social media campaigns, grants and press releases

Skills:I will help Healed Scars with website content, writing strategic emails and contact with the media. I hope that my experience as a charity founder and service as a board member to a handful of charities will help me give occasional strategic advice to the team

Areas of knowledge and skills:Content / Communication; Social Skills / Community / Network; Governance / Funding / Compliance; Clerical

Lukasz Loszczyk


:Social Media Advertiser, Director at Cani Enerprises Ltd

:As an online advertiser I am a creative thinker and problem solver, with experience and understanding of working on strong brands, particularly ensuring that all marketing activity fits with the brand strategy and guidelines. I’ve marketing experience working in an integrated marketing environment.

Skills:I’ll deploy social strategy and take care of posting content to answering customer enquiries and engaging with your audience. Transform the social media presence with high-quality content and increasing followers

Areas of knowledge and skills:Social Media / Content / Network Online / Advertisement

Perveen Asjad



:I come from a civil servant background, worked for the Dept.Of Social Security/Benefits Agency. I have worked for various departments including finance.

:Administrative work and finance work/ Expertise of protection of vulnerable children and young adults