Service Providers

Jayne Roberts

Cloud 9 for life

:Wellbeing Psychologist and Accredited member of the BACP.

:Safety and trust allow Jayne to support people to reflect and make sense of difficult life events and find a way to move forward in a way you choose to. Jayne values and offers a safe and trusting place for you to explore experiences free from judgement.

Agata Robertson

Agata Robertson

Counselling Hub Aberdeen

:Postgraduate Diploma in Person-centred Counselling

:Agat's focus is to support survivors through distress and times of crisis. She works with a range of complex issues such as abuse, trauma, anxiety, addiction, depression, grief, emotional distress and anger.

Kirsty Paterson

The Awakened Mind

:Mindfulness and mindset performance coach

:Reprogramming the minds of trauma and abuse survivors, helping women take back control of their futures in a positive light.

Olga Geidane


:A mindset coach with a counselling and therapy background.

:Olga helps you renew mindset - happiness, success and wellbeing focused. Moving away from trauma and past events in a gracious way. Releasing anger and having clarity, focus and future aspirations. Emotional healing.

Marie Love

Marie Love Therapies

:Mindfulness teacher (MBLC), aromatherapist, EFT practitioner, Reiki master teacher, coaching.

:Marie provides opportunities to further develop skills with individuals who desired to change their current situation, mindset, and develop a compassionate based attitude to their life.

Monigho Griffin

Aspire Mindset coaching

:Resettlement worker, housing officer, housing advice worker. , Tutor, NVQ assessor, NLP certified coach

:Monigho teaches techniques and strategies that help to have positive mindset, self belief, confidence and plan to meet future goals

Rhaiza Gutierrez

Rhaiza Gutierrez

: John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Les Brown Certified Speaker, Bilingual (English, Spanish) ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Level 1

:Through Coaching, Rhaiza equips women to create and experience life on their own terms by going within to raise their awareness, improve their decision-making skills, and understand that they are fully resourced.

Lucie Hanzlickova

Lucie Hanzlickova

:Accredited Coaching Master and NLP practitioner.

:Helping survivors unlock inner power to thrive after an abuse and getting back control of their life by rebuilding a healthy relationship with themselves. Breaking trauma bond, healing trauma, learning control emotions, and letting go.

Victoria Brennan

Victoria Brennan Coaching

:Experienced life, transformational and personal power coach enabling people to create a future to thrive in.

:An empowering service that enables participants to realise and step into their personal power so their future is exciting and fulfilling regardless of their past.

Philip Kalatzi

Remote Counselling Service UK

: Integrative Counsellor, trained on MSc level anda member of the BACP. Practiotioner of evidence-based techniques, stemming from Person-Centred and Psychodynamic fields.

:In Philip's therapeutic relationship you may work towards empowerment and self-discovery. You will be understood, heard, accepted and embraced. By combining your self-expertise and my knowledge in psychology we can achieve something wonderful.

Abeda Aswat

Abeda's Counselling & Psychotherapy Service

:Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist, working with survivors of abuse and trauma.

:It takes courage to make the first step. With Abeda's support, you can make those steps and build on your confidence and self-worth. She offers a safe and respectful environment to help you explore your feelings and the change you want.

Pamela Wallace

Pamela Wallace Therapies

:Certified and accredited practitioner and coach. Trained in Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP and Reiki. Specializing in trauma, building esteem and inner child work.

:Pamela's therapy quickly and gently helps remove negative memories and emotions from the past and help improve self esteem, self love and confidence. Using therapies and assertations one to one and in a group.

John Hoey


:QEC Therapist. Quantum Energy Coaching is a modern healing therapy which explores our anxieties in the 'here and now’ and permanently re-writes our self-limiting beliefs.

:John's philosophy as a QEC therapist is to create a safe space for people to explore & change their lives, beliefs and manage unresolved traumatic life experiences.

Sheila Hamilton


:Experienced Soft Skills Trainer, Coach and Life Mentor.

:Sheila is passionate about empowering individuals to build confidence, by reclaiming talents, exploring potential and achieving goals. Innovative format allows individuals to take back control of their self-development.

Shradha WTB

Shradha WTB

:Coach, Relationship & Togetherness consultant, Keynote Speaker, Bestselling author. First Indian to be endorsed by Les Brown.

:Shradha spreads the message of love, hope and peace. How to stay committed in a relationship without losing self respect. How to strengthen self relationship without fearing rejection. How to find peace and calm without feeling exhausted.

Barbara Bailey

Glendene care

:Qualified counsellor. Delivered domestic abuse programmes for NSPCC both with survivors and perpetrators of domestic abuse in refuges and prisons.

:Barbara provides safe, trusting non-judgemental space, survivors can learn how to cope with the emotional trauma that's often left behind even after they've left an abusive relationship. Also trauma based CBT therapy with children who have been exposed to an abusive environment.

Satinder Panesar


:Psychotherapist and Counsellor

:My Vision is a world free from Abusive Relationships. My Mission- develop innovative responses to trauma that increases safety for survivors, rebuilds lives and creates lasting change. Values: Integrity, compassion, commitment, consistency. One to One Integrative Therapy, CBT, Attachment Clinical /Wellbeing Supervision.

Katarzyna Maciakiewicz

Dreams Sanctuary

:Meditation and Reiki Therapist

:I perceive that the most important is acceptance of the whole being, and the ability to learn from own experience.

:Surrender to all experience does not detach from it, combined with self-love gives incredible confidence and power

Justyna Piechowska-Jozwiak

BPJ Medical Ltd

:Health and Wellbeing Coach

:I am here to help women to rebuild their self-love and self-worth. Feamle survivors need to redefine their lives and find joy, love, passion and truth.

:Let me be your mirror so you can find your very best reflection.

Bartlomiej Piechowski-Jozwiak, MD

BPJ Medical Ltd

:Consultant Neurologist

:My services are aimed at dealing with the neurological consequences of abuse to allow the victims to go back to full physical and mental stability and strength.

:I focus on a holistic approach in treating neurological conditions using functional medicine techniques.

Maggie Downie

Magic of New Beginnings

:Pain Therapist - Mindset Coach

:My mission is to empower women to get back in the driving seat of their lives and improve their quality of life, freeing them from past trauma, stress and anxiety. Allowing them to take back control after being buried under exhaustion and frustration.

:I pride myself in supporting the unconscious mind to sort through 'stuff' and recover, therefore no requirement to relive past traumas.

Jill McMichael

Happiness Coaching with Reiki & Reflexology

:Happiness and Holistic Therapist

:Throughout my life I have used breathing techniques and have meditated, and just recently I have qualified as a Meditation Teacher.

:I have been part of many sessions with the charity Mind Up founded, and run by, Goldie Hawn. These sessions specialise in breathing techniques, how the brain and body work and how the brain develops, specifically centred around children

Adrian Murtagh

Just Smart Thinking

:Life coach and nurse (psychiatry background)

:I am passionate about personal development and love seeing the excitement from individuals as they grow through the different stages of their lives.

:Happiness motivates us and that is why I have started to invest time and energy in developing tools to help people focus on the true meaning of happiness for them.

Jen Robertson

Better Mind Therapy

:HCPC registered Practitioner Psychologist

:Better Mind Therapy (BMT) works from a humanistic valuing base.

:The vision of BMT is to provide high quality and effective therapy to al low people to have a better quality of life and become their own therapist.

Avril Oenone

Spiritual healing for your Soul

:Energy Spiritual Healer

:I am essentially an energy worker, a Spiritual Healer, so I work from that angle to heal the Soul which in turn heals all that you have been through.

:I employ counselling within my framework along with other holistic treatments that I have learned. I draw on whatever I feel best fits my client’s needs at any time.